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Police Coffee Company

One Ranger

One Ranger

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One Ranger is our newest flavored coffee you are sure to love! One Ranger is a flavorful, medium-bodied coffee with a smooth and sweet, pecan flavor. Pecan coffee is probably the best combination in the world! The pecan's rich sweet, nutty, and buttery flavor cuts through coffee's natural acidity to give you a smooth and satisfying coffee experience.

This coffee is a tribute to our Texas LEO's. As the old saying goes “One Riot, One Ranger.” whether or not the quote is true, it is steeped in the folklore of the old west. A phrase that evokes memories of cowboy hats, Colt .45’s, dusty trails, lawless towns, and lawmen on horseback bringing dangerous outlaws to justice. As a tribute to law officers who serve and have served in the Lone Star State, Police Coffee Co brings you “One Ranger”, a new bold sweet pecan flavored coffee. 

Show your support to our men and women in blue with this medium roast, designed to make your senses stay vigilant. One Ranger is crafted to turn each cup you pour into a delight.

Police Coffee will donate a portion of profits from each bag sold to C.O.P.S. – an organization helping families of officers fallen in the line of duty. Each of our brands comes infused with meaning, and with NYPD Brew, you will support the cause worth fighting for.

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