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Police Coffee Company

LTC Grossman: Sheepdog on Duty

LTC Grossman: Sheepdog on Duty

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Introducing "LTC Grossman: Sheepdog on Duty" dark roast- a sponsored coffee by one of the great supporters of the police community: LTC Dave Grossman, the Sheepdog himself. We crafted this South American coffee blend just for our heroic men and women in blue! 🚓 And don't forget, it's roast-to-ship so it's only the freshest, highest quality coffee around!

Energize your day or fuel your night shift with this invigorating, dark-bodied coffee. LTC Grossman: Sheepdog on Duty boasts a rich and complex flavor profile, expertly balanced to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience. The taste is full of depth and character, providing a harmonious fusion of boldness, smoothness, and a touch of natural sweetness.

The clean, robust aftertaste holds strong on your palate, like a steadfast partner in the line of duty, leaving you eager for more. Every sip is a testament to the skillful roasting process that brings out the best in these exceptional South American beans.

Go ahead, treat yourself and your fellow officers to a bag of LTC Grossman: Sheepdog on Duty. Savor the flavors that'll ignite your senses and strengthen the camaraderie within your ranks. You deserve it, because the streets may be tough, but your coffee shouldn't be!

Police Coffee will donate a portion of profits from each bag sold to C.O.P.S. – an organization helping families of officers fallen in the line of duty. Each of our brands comes infused with meaning, and with Back the Blue, you will support a cause worth fighting for.

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